Clinical validation

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Clinical validation

Krill oil can relieve hangover

With the rise of the concept of "big health", the increase of residents' disposable income, the upgrading of the consumer market and the intensification of population aging, consumers pay more attention to individual life and health, thus generating huge demand for health industry. Among them, the big health field, including dietary supplements, has become the market that many enterprises at home and abroad compete to enter.


According to the latest clinical experiment, krill oil can effectively alleviate the hangover symptoms such as thirst and nausea. Not only that, krill oil has more health effects such as regulating blood fat, benefiting brain and heart, and has extremely high nutritional and health value, and has become the target of the market. With the continuous expansion of the scale of China's health care products market, various major nutrition brands have poured in, resulting in mixed products, and the industry standards need to be improved. VIKpro strong marine phospholipid pure Antarctic shrimp oil, which has won ORIVO 100% pure shrimp oil certification and marine phospholipid certification, has undoubtedly set a new benchmark for the quality of high-end products in the industry.


Clinical trials have proved that eating krill oil can alleviate the symptoms of alcohol hangover


Prawn oil is regarded as the gold of the sea and has always been favored by consumers. According to the latest clinical experiments, prawn oil can promote the reduction of the alcohol level in the breath and blood, effectively alleviate the hangover symptoms such as thirst and nausea, and reduce the level of alcohol and acetaldehyde in the body. In this experiment, 15 subjects were randomly assigned to take 1000mg Superba Boost krill oil capsule and soybean oil capsule 30 minutes before drinking, and blood analysis was performed 1.5 hours before drinking and 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 hours after drinking. Through the comparison of the two groups, it was found that krill oil has high superoxide free radical and peroxygen free radical scavenging activity, and its astaxanthin can also reduce ROS produced in the process of alcohol metabolism and inhibit acetaldehyde-induced cytotoxicity. The combination of astaxanthin with EPA and DHA has a positive effect on the induction of antioxidant factors. Therefore, shrimp oil can be used as a potential anti-hangover ingredient.


The krill oil itself has multiple nutritional values. The marine phospholipid type OMEGA-3 contained in it can ensure the high absorption of the human body while clearing blood vessels and regulating blood lipids. The two major components of DHA and EPA also have the effect of benefiting the brain and protecting the heart. Therefore, krill oil is unanimously popular in the global market. Compared with other similar products on the market, VIKpro uses Germany's top technology to develop the Antarctic krill oil with 56% ultra-high concentration of marine phospholipids, and the measured content of marine phospholipids is as high as 59%, making its absorption rate 98% higher than that of the first generation of VIK fish oil. VIKpro uses cutting-edge German technology to provide the most pure high-end Antarctic krill oil products for global consumers.


The world's most stringent certification: the international authority ORIVO pure phosphorus shrimp oil certification


Throughout the world, manufacturers and brands of marine food regard the Norwegian ORIVO Certification Center and its testing methods as the latest and highest level of marine raw materials and marine food validation. ORIVO certification is widely recognized internationally because of its world-leading testing technology and strict testing standards.


The products tested by ORIVO Certification Center use nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), which is the unique analytical technology of the certification center. On the one hand, through this technology of ORIVO, the true composition and nutritional purity of marine products such as shrimp oil or fish oil can be analyzed. On the other hand, the original and scientific data of fish oil and shrimp oil can be obtained through the nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy technology, and then the type and origin of fish oil or shrimp oil can be obtained by comparing the NMR fingerprint. As the representative of high-end pure Antarctic shrimp oil in the international market, VIKpro has won the "100% pure Antarctic shrimp oil certification" of the world's most authoritative testing agency - ORIVO Certification Center, which shows that VIKPro shrimp oil is highly recognized by Chinese and foreign consumers and international professional institutions.

VIKpro shrimp oil has won four authoritative approvals in terms of sample, market, origin and composition


In addition to the inspection of nutritional ingredients and (raw materials) place of origin, the ORIVO Certification Center also has a strict and distinctive "consumption inspection" system. In fact, ORIVO Certification Center will not only test the samples submitted by enterprises for inspection, but also randomly purchase the products on the market for random inspection, so as to ensure that the quality of the market products actually purchased by consumers is consistent with the quality of the samples submitted for inspection.


VIKpro Antarctic krill oil has reached strategic cooperation with Norwegian Aker, the world's top krill oil raw material supply group. All its production raw materials can be traced back to the corresponding fishing area. After rigorous testing by the ORIVO Certification Center, the quality of VIKpro's 56% pure Antarctic krill oil sample is the same as that of the products sold on the market. After several rigorous tests by ORIVO, it is verified that it is 100% pure Antarctic fishing (krill), 100% pure Antarctic krill oil, and rich in marine phospholipids and other nutrients, so it has won the "100% pure Antarctic krill oil certification" and "marine phospholipid certification" of ORIVO. VIKpro Antarctic krill oil has been unanimously recognized by international authorities from its origin in Norway, market raw material supply, sample tracing and pure oil composition.


VIKpro powerful 56% marine phospholipid pure Antarctic krill oil uses SUPERBA Boost high-end krill oil raw material from AKER, Norway, to catch live Antarctic krill with Eco-harvesting fresh technology, and applies Flexitech fresh extract krill nutrition to create high-quality pure krill oil health products, become the representative of high-end pure oil in the international market, create a new era of high-end pure oil, and bring high-quality nutrition and health services to global consumers.