we trust nature,

we trust science,

we trust quality,

we trust the power of life.

we do our best to responding consumer’s trust.


Production Chain

VIK®pro is a German medical technology and health brand. Its series of products are developed in Germany and produced globally. It integrates cutting-edge technology and safety assurance to bring German medical nutrition products to global consumers.


VIK®pro's products including SUPERBABoost™ 56% Antarctic Krill Oil, KanekaQHM Super CoQ10 Ubiquinol, PHOSPHOS complexTM Advanced Liver Detox for curing liver, Quercetin for breathing easy, probiotics for nourishing stomach, 95%Omega-3High Quality Fish Oil, patented Ovomet for maintaining joints are available for and popular with global consumers. These products are internationally certified and meet the quality standard of pharmaceutical products sold in German pharmacies. We are committed to providing the cellular nutrition products made in Germany with quality assurance for consumers worldwide.

Raw Material

We integrate high-quality R&D resources and strategically partner with five world's top raw material suppliers including Norway Aker, Japan Kaneka, Italy Indena, Denmark Novozymes, France Lesaffreto keep developing and providing customers with pharmaceutical-grade, efficacious dietary supplements with German pharmaceutical-grade product quality, to provide better products.


Based on the fact that phospholipids are the core components of biological cell membranes, VIK®pro's research team uses advanced phospholipid technology to enable nutrients to penetrate human cells and be absorbed, which makes nutritions of all our products absorbed to the greatest extent.  This breakthrough shows that we pioneer the technology for developing the cellular nutrition products.