Lung maintenance

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Lung maintenance

Quercetin, a natural ingredient for clearing lung and relieving cough

Quercetin may not be a household name, but it exists in our daily diet, and its medicinal value is also very rich. As a powerful antioxidant flavonoid, quercetin is rich in tea, apples, onions, tomatoes, broccoli and other foods. In plants, quercetin plays a natural role in inhibiting auxin transport and is extremely important for the normal growth and development of plants.

Quercetin, as a natural flavonoid compound widely existing in nature, has been found to have multiple biological activities, such as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and enhancing the immune capacity of the respiratory system. Its anti-inflammatory effect is also very good. Most inflammation is caused by excessive cyclooxygenase and phytooxygenase in the human body. Quercetin can inhibit the diffusion process of inflammatory cells and achieve the effect of effectively fighting inflammation and preventing inflammation.

Taking quercetin nutrition products can solve problems such as cough and phlegm, smoking causing dyspnea, dyspnea, people with small lung nodules, and working in dust environment.

In addition to taking orally, what other aspects can we do to maintain our lungs in our daily life?

1) Keep away from cold/fire/dryness

The lungs are delicate and dirty. They are very delicate. They are afraid of cold, fire and dryness. Do not touch anything cold (including summer); Usually, the food is mainly fresh and light. Spicy and pungent foods, not only chili peppers, but also ginger, are included. In autumn, the weather is dry. If you eat these spicy and pungent foods again, you may be more likely to cause restlessness and some damage to the lungs.

2) Oil smoke/dust/haze prevention

A considerable number of lung diseases, even serious diseases, are related to this and are external factors that cannot be ignored. Especially for people who often cook, pay attention to ventilation and wear a mask, which is harmful.

3) Smoke less

Cigarette contains too many substances harmful to the body, which will cause some harm to the body after being absorbed by the body. Smoking will damage your lung health and induce pulmonary diseases such as emphysema and lung cancer.

4) Emotional regulation

Anger not only hurts the liver, but also the lungs. Some people are too angry to breathe and can't hold their breath. In fact, the root cause is anger. In addition to consciously adjusting their emotions, don't hold it in your heart. Sad lungs, too sad. , the simplest and direct way is to laugh, such as watching comedy movies.