krill oil

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krill oil

International Standard for Shrimp Oil - IKOS

The International Krill Oil Standard (IKOS) is the only third-party testing and certification program specifically designed for Krill oil, and is the highest authoritative certification in the industry.


*VIKpro Shrimp Oil IKOS Authoritative Certification Report



*VIKpro Shrimp Oil Packaging - IKOS Authoritative Certification Mark


VIKpro 56% Antarctic pure phosphorus shrimp oil, an IKOS five-star authoritative certification product, contains unique natural ingredients Omega-3 (mainly including EPA and DHA), phospholipids, choline, astaxanthin, etc. It has multiple effects such as anti-inflammatory, regulating blood lipids, smoothing blood vessels, and caring for heart and brain health. It is easier to absorb than ordinary fish oil, has more comprehensive ingredients, and has the reputation of "blood vessel scavenger", so it becomes a better choice for consumers to care for heart and brain vascular health.