Eggshell membrane Ovomet®

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Eggshell membrane Ovomet®

The joint protection ceiling was originally

Ovomet® The patented technology of eggshell membrane uses exclusive patented water separation technology to fully retain flexible factors and obtain pure natural nutrients from the eggshell membrane. After clinical trials, it exhibits precious activity superior to traditional amino sugars (glucosamine), chondroitin, and non denatured type II collagen. It is a natural key nutritional supplement!

VIKpro's patented eggshell membrane joint care capsule, a joint product developed after two years of dedicated research and development, selects patented Ovomet natural eggshell membrane raw materials and uses professional enzymatic hydrolysis extraction to maintain activity and complete nutrition. Specially added with high-quality calcium sources certified by the European Union, rich in VD3 and natural magnesium, making nutrition more comprehensive. Clinically proven to take effect quickly in 5-7 days, relieving discomfort in your joints, strengthening joints, and maintaining cartilage.