Brain Nutrition

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Brain Nutrition

Brain Gold - Ginkgo biloba extract

In the academic field of medical science, Ginkgo biloba leaves play a very important role in the treatment and improvement of various diseases. Numerous professional research achievements have shown that Ginkgo biloba has a good improvement effect on various diseases.Flavonoids, vinegar, and other active substances in the extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves can effectively eliminate free radicals, increase brain blood flow, prevent oxidation, improve brain metabolism, protect neurons, and form new neurons in the ischemic peripheral area, reducing the loss of vital energy. At the same time, Ginkgo biloba vinegar also has a certain inhibitory effect on neuronal apoptosis and oxidative stress response.Meanwhile, Ginkgo biloba extract can significantly increase the content of dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain of PD rats and improve the symptoms of motor disorders in the PD rat model. And it can effectively inhibit the aforementioned inflammatory reactions, thereby reducing the damage to dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra of the rat brain and playing a neuroprotective role.

VIK®pro Ginkgo biloba leaf brain gold, with pure natural Ginkgo biloba leaf extract as the core ingredient, clinically proven to have an effective content of 240mg, which can alleviate headaches, prevent dizziness, improve memory, enhance attention, stabilize emotions, prevent glaucoma, alleviate tinnitus, coffee fruit extract, and maintain cell level neurons; Add 20 times phosphatidylserine PS to supplement brain nutrition; The second-generation brain gold - choline, which enhances brain memory, is an essential nutrient for brain power.