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Pharmacist Recommendation

New definition of krill oil

Since the establishment of the brand, VIKpro has always prioritized sustainability, traceability, transparency, and product quality, committed to providing high-quality health products to global users. VIKpro brand star promotion official and German registered pharmacist Philip said, "This IKOS certification will help improve the market recognition and recognition of the product. I am very proud to be able to assist in promoting the production brand of krill oil that has obtained IKOS certification. To ensure that every consumer's imported krill oil is of top quality, every brand from raw material selection, production processing, to shipping and transportation is strictly controlled, Created an outstanding product strength of VIKpro56% marine phospholipid phosphorus shrimp oil. Using the upgraded materials of SUPERBA Boost from AKER, Norway, the eco harvesting fresh technology is used to catch fresh Antarctic krill, and the Flexitech technology is used to extract highly active krill nutrition. VIKpro has created a high-quality health product favored by consumers and recognized by international authorities.

It not only has IKOS five-star certification, VIKpro56% marine phospholipid shrimp oil has won the "100% pure Antarctic shrimp oil certification" and marine phospholipid certification from the global authoritative certification agency ORIVO, and has become a high-end pure oil model in the international market.