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Women's Care

How to scientifically supplement estrogen

Practice has proven that supplementing estrogen is an effective measure for menopausal women to prevent and treat diseases and resist aging. However, according to scientific research, excessive supplementation of artificial estrogen will lead to an increased incidence of cancer, especially breast cancer and Cervical cancer. So how should women scientifically supplement estrogen?

The sources of estrogen can include three aspects: artificial synthesis, extraction from natural products, and foods rich in estrogen.

Purified substances and food derived from nature are relatively safe choices. There are two main types of estrogen present in plants:

One is Isoflavone, the other is lignan. Among them, Isoflavone mainly exist in beans, fruits and vegetables. Soybean is not only rich in Isoflavone, but also economical. It is the most convenient choice to take estrogen from the diet to choose a variety of soybean foods every day, such as tofu, soybean milk, etc.

In addition, if you want to get quick results, you can selectively take some healthy and authentic soy Isoflavone products, such as VIKpro soy Isoflavone ovarian care capsule. The core ingredient is natural estrogen soy Isoflavone, which is extracted from non transgenic soy materials with high purity and activity. It is small molecule, easy to absorb, hormone free and non irritating, which can effectively reduce hot flashes, regulate menstrual disorders, relieve vaginal dryness, and also improve skin, sleep It can strengthen muscles and bones, relieve mood, and reduce the incidence of senile dementia, cardiovascular disease, and breast cancer. Specially added with three major nutrients: calcium, VD, and VE, to enhance ovarian immunity, promote ovarian nutrient absorption, combat premature ovarian failure, and delay aging. The triple formula upgrades ovarian care.