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"Golden Ginseng" for Men

Maca, also known as Maca, originated in the Andes Mountains of South America with an altitude of 3500~4500 meters, mainly distributed in Puno Ecotope in central Peru and Puno, a city in southeast Peru.

Maca gained widespread attention in the early 1990s when researchers discovered this plant as a substitute for "Viagra". Its significant effect in improving sexual function made it a new star in international health food and medicine, with the ability to enhance fertility, improve sexual function, combat depression, anemia, and provide good nourishment.

VIK®pro Maca Capsules, 800mg high content gold Maca, unique bioactive substances such as Maca ene, Maca amide, etc., have vasodilation effects, can increase blood flow to sexual organs, and improve male function; Research has confirmed that it can also increase sperm quality, combat human fatigue, alleviate mental state, refresh and nourish qi, regulate endocrine function, and alleviate menopause; Choose natural science compound formula arginine+Citrulline+zinc, close loop aphrodisiac and essence vibrating golden partner, Maka+Tribulus terrestris, double improve masculinity and perfect male health.