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How to choose hypoglycemic products?

In recent years, a survey by the World Health Organization has shown that Germany's sugar control effect is very significant. They have invested a large amount of capital in developing sugar control products, most of which are herbaceous sugar control products, including insulin wood.

Insulin wood, belonging to Rubiaceae, is a small tree native to Central America. The extract of pancreatic islet lignin bark was first discovered by people in Mexico and Central America. Later, it was used in folk medicine to treat and even reverse hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

VIK ® Pro Jiangtangling Capsules are made from a natural hypoglycemic ingredient with a 72 year history of hypoglycemic activity - pancreatic islet extract wood, rich in polyphenols. Multiple clinical trials have shown that taking them can reduce blood sugar by 25%. Specially added bitter melon extract and chromium to increase double sugar control power; Rich in zinc, B vitamins, and folic acid nutrients, it balances blood sugar, promotes metabolism, and alleviates fatigue. Pure plant formula, natural and safe without side effects.