VIKmed Schleiden Memorial Heart Brain Gift Box

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VIKmed Schleiden Memorial Heart Brain Gift Box

Salute to the Legend of Cytology in 185

In 1838, German botanist Schleiden and zoologist Schwann first proposed the cell theory, which promoted the development of biology and provided an extremely important natural scientific basis for dialectical materialism. The cell theory and Darwin's theory of biological evolution are both hailed as the greatest discoveries of the 19th century, and can be described as the "light of humanity" of the 19th century. As a leader in medical nutrition, VIK pioneered cell level nutrition and has always been committed to delivering cell level nutrition to millions of households. In response to the call of history and paying tribute to the 185 year cytology legend, after years of deep research, the brand has specially customized and launched the Schleiden Schwann Memorial Edition Brain Gift Box. The gift box takes the German craftsmanship and research spirit shared by two great scientists and VIK as its cultural core. It collects three primary colors of German black, red, and yellow, inlaid with portraits of Schleiden and Schwann, and recreates the German glorious aesthetics, allowing the highlight of human history to once again reappear, in order to revitalize consumers' dual high-end experience of body nutrition and cultural nutrition.


Carrying countless expectations, the VIK Schleiden Commemorative Edition gift box has now landed in the global health market, containing star rated patented reduced coenzyme (30 capsules) and gold 59.8% marine phospholipid phosphorus shrimp oil (30 capsules), overturning traditional market cardio brain nutrition products and ushering in a new era of 24-hour luxury cardio brain blood vessels. Originating from Germany, the medical nutrition brand VIK inherits the spirit of rigor, craftsmanship, and research. With the German Life Medicine and Nutrition Research Center as the axis, and relying on global research and development and supply chain resources, it integrates the years of medical technology cell level nutrition into the Schleiden Memorial Edition gift box. With excellent product quality, the VIK Schleiden gift box has been unanimously recognized by three top international institutions: the "Market First Choice Award" certification of the international authoritative organization IKOS for krill oil, the ORIVO 100% pure oil certification, and the KANEKA patent reduction coenzyme certification. VIK introduces phospholipids with the same structure as the human cell membrane into core nutrients, allowing nutrients to penetrate the cells directly into the body, achieving high magnification absorption and pioneering cell level nutrition. It breaks through the limitations of traditional basic nutrients and, with its own efforts, refreshes the quality ceiling of dietary nutrients.