MPL+ Phospholipidosis

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MPL+ Phospholipidosis

Newly upgraded MPL+ biophospholipid introduction technology

On September 29th, at the VIK brand launch ceremony in Dusseldorf, Germany, Dr Hans Christof Berger brought exciting news. After years of persistent professional research and exploration, and after analyzing the structure of human nutritional needs of different populations worldwide, the VIK research team has successfully developed a new cellular phospholipid nutrition technology, which can further enhance the human bioavailability and absorption rate of core nutrients! Increase by 10-20 times. Meanwhile, Dr. Berger stated that in the future, the brand will apply this new technology to its entire product line, continuously innovating nutritional formulas, raw material quality, and capsule coating, achieving a 2.0 iteration upgrade of the full matrix product. VIK is also about to launch a refined dietary supplement plan, which scientifically matches the health supplement plan for users, accurately targeting the health development demands of different age groups, and achieving new breakthroughs.

Marine phospholipid cell nutrition "is VIK's brand proposition that has always been regarded as Guiquan. Since its establishment, the brand has been based on the key clue that phospholipids are the core component of biological cell membranes, adopting leading industry technology to enable core nutrients to penetrate human cells and be directly absorbed and utilized, creating a precedent for cell level nutrition. After years of research and development, VIK has achieved a new breakthrough in the 2.0 iteration of phospholipid import technology, and conducted its first public and in-depth analysis at this press conference. MPL+newly upgraded biotechnology utilizes phospholipids as a unique nutrient delivery medium, and selectively selects water-soluble or lipid soluble phospholipids as emulsifiers to produce micelles with the maximum surface area, thereby improving the absorption of low solubility and low permeability substances by the human body. This technology will increase the bioavailability of nutrients with lower absorption rates, such as coenzyme Q10, quercetin, and silybin, several times again.

Industry insiders believe that the development of MPL+'s newly upgraded biophospholipid introduction technology is of milestone significance in enhancing the global research strength of dietary supplements and the influence of the health industry. It marks that VIK's research in the field of medical nutrition has broken the previous leading edge in the field of natural nutrition, greatly enhancing the voice of medical nutrition in the international health industry, and also means that the health industry will enter a new era led by medical nutrition.