German QH-1 trademark certification

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German QH-1 trademark certification

High quality coenzyme certified by the German QH-1 trademark

In the post pandemic era, global consumers have significantly increased their attention to health, while the acceleration of the entry of young consumers from Generation Z has led to a significant increase in the consumer penetration rate and population growth rate of coenzyme Q10. As a super nutrient, coenzyme Q10 has made significant progress in the field of dietary supplements, and its production process has developed to the fifth generation. Among them, Kaneka reduced coenzyme raw materials are considered the highest level in the industry and enjoy the reputation of "the father of coenzyme Q10". As a long-term strategic partner of Kaneka, VIKpro has reduced the use of patented coenzyme raw materials for coenzyme Q10 selection. Led by German medical nutrition expert Hans Christof Berger, VIKpro has integrated MPL+biophospholipid introduction technology to improve the human body's absorption of low solubility and low permeability substances, achieving 10 times faster absorption of coenzyme nutrition. Due to the strict selection of top-notch raw materials from the brand's source and the dedicated research and development of a team of German medical experts, with a globally mature and complete supply chain logistics system, as well as rigorous quality inspection and after-sales service, VIKpro's reduced coenzyme Q10 has been recognized as the "QH-1 registered trademark" in Germany, becoming an industry model, It provides a good solution to the problem of "difficult to distinguish the quality of coenzyme products" that has particularly troubled consumers since the COVID-19.

Germany is a contracting party to numerous important international intellectual property treaties, and its trademark certification inspection standards are particularly strict. According to the German Trademark Law, the applicant must meet the basic conditions of a 0% plagiarism rate for third-party searches of German trademarks, EU trademarks, and Madrid system trademarks. After a period of 3 months of global publicity without objection, the certification can be successful and enjoy a 10-year protection period. Winning the German trademark registration certification is undoubtedly a double recognition and highest praise for VIK's product quality and leading global research and innovation capabilities.