High quality shrimp oil champion

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High quality shrimp oil champion

What kind of krill oil is worth the championship?

The full name of IKOS is International Krill Oil Standards, which is globally recognized as the highest gold content third-party krill oil certification. It is the most authoritative and only third-party testing and certification program specifically targeting krill oil in the industry. In order to help standardize the market for krill oil products, provide quality identification standards for global healthy consumers, and lead the sustainable and orderly development of the krill oil industry, IKOS in 2014 ™ The plan emerged at the historic moment. IKOS and the world-renowned authoritative fish oil certification program IFOS are both founded by Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. (NDI), a research organization specializing in commercial and consumer health product consulting services. Unlike other certification programs for marine oils in the past, IKOS is specifically designed for krill oil, with a higher professional level and more targeted nature. It is recognized as the "all-around champion" in the krill oil industry certification standards, and brands recognized by IKOS are equivalent to obtaining the "highest education" in the global krill oil standards.

In June of this year, VIKpro59.8% Marine Phospholipid Shrimp Oil won the "Market Selection Award" specially awarded by IKOS for its leading international standard product quality and nutritional ratio. As the globally recognized third-party certification body for phosphorus shrimp oil with the highest gold content, IKOS tests phosphorus shrimp oil products in three core dimensions: Omega-3/astaxanthin/phospholipids nutritional content, pollutant content, and raw material freshness, and gives corresponding ratings to provide a transparent and authoritative way to compare phosphorus shrimp oil products. This time, we once again won the IKOS "High Quality Shrimp Oil Champion" award, further confirming that each batch of VIK Shrimp Oil products meets the most stringent certification standards of international authoritative institutions. Kevin Yan, Vice President of IKOS Certification and Analysis, said, "VIK's energy efficiency industry has gained dual recognition from 'market selection' and 'high-quality shrimp oil champion', thanks to the brand's mature German R&D technology system, full chain quality control, good operating standards in production and processing, and excellent product quality.