2024Vitafoods Europe

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2024Vitafoods Europe

German VIKpro Shines at Vitafoods Europe

On May 14 to 16, nutrition and health industry global elites attended Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, Switzerland. This nutrition and health industry top event in Europe and the world provides exhibitors and visitors with a valuable exchange platform to talk about this industry’s future development trend.

As a major exhibitor, VIKpro, a German dietary nutrition brand, exhibited a number of main products and breakthrough health nutrition management options at the exhibition. VIKpro's unique MPL+ biophospholipid introduction technology integrates phospholipids with nutrient molecules resulting in complexes that human body can easily absorb. This greatly enhanced the nutrients’ bioavailability. VIKpro also presented the industry's first reduced coenzyme spray, with disruptive under-tongue 16x absorption technology and pure patented plunger system. This innovative product fills the industry gap and also provides a nutritional supplement that is more efficient and convenient for consumers.

The two exhibitions show VIKpro's technological innovation and quality control outstanding strength. They also enhance its global nutrition and health industry influence. Chief Nutritionist Dr. Berger said that VIKpro has the commitment to provide more efficient and safer nutritional supplements for consumers through technological innovation, and these new products show their efforts to attain this objective.

Monde Selection has acknowledged several VIKpro's star products. Grand Gold Quality Award was granted by Monde Selection to its powerful reduced CoQ10 and 95% high-purity fish oil, and Gold Quality Award to its pure Antarctic krill oil and patented Quercetin Lung Cleansing Capsules. In addition to VIKpro's products excellent quality, these awards also mark its thorough control and innovation strength in raw material selection, production process and product formulation.

At the exhibition, VIKpro created closer connections with global quality partners like AKER. This expanded its global "Circle of Friends". These partners’ participation provides a broader market space for VIKpro, and gives new impetus to its development in the international market of "cellular nutrition".

VIKpro will continue to uphold the professionalism and innovation concept, deliver to consumers more high-quality nutrition and health products globally, and lead the nutrition and health industry to a better future.