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Monde Selection

The Monde Selection Ceremony Ends, and VIKpro Becomes the Only CoQ10 Brand to Receive the Grand Gold Quality Award in the World

The prestigious 63rd Monde Selection ceremony was held in Vienna, Austria, on June 1, 2024. VIKpro, a German dietary nutrition brand, distinguished itself among numerous nutritional diet and healthy food brands worldwide with its exceptional product quality and innovative research and development. It was honored as the winner for its four flagship products. In addition, its powerful reduced CoQ10 won the Grand Gold Quality Award, the highest award in the Diet and Health Products category of Monde Selection. This achievement made VIKpro the only CoQ10 brand to receive this award globally.

VIKpro wins the Monde Selection, providing consumers with authoritative guidance on the selection of similar products.

Since its inception in 1961 by the European Community and the Belgian Ministry of Economy and Trade, Monde Selection has been renowned for its rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process, making it the most authoritative and influential third-party food quality evaluation standard in the world. Each year, more than 80 prominent independent experts participate in its evaluation, thoroughly assessing product candidates over a period of up to 4 months. They consider various dimensions, such as product safety, raw materials, packaging, taste, and nutrition, among others. The extremely stringent evaluation process has earned Monde Selection the reputation of being the "Oscar of the Food Industry." Its list of winners is regarded by consumers as the "Michelin Guide" of the food industry, signifying products of exceptional quality.

VIKpro's powerful reduced CoQ10 and high-purity fish oil won the Grand Gold Quality Award, the highest award in the Diet and Health Products category of Monde Selection. In addition, VIKpro's pure Antarctic krill oil and patented Quercetin Lung Cleansing Capsules were granted the Gold Quality Award. These awards represent the highest recognition of VIKpro’s product quality and provide authoritative guidance for consumers in purchasing related products.

VIKpro has obtained multiple quality certifications from international authorities due to its focus on innovative research and development.

The success of VIKpro is no coincidence. Supported by the German Life Medicine and Nutrition Research and Development Center and led by Dr. Hans Christof Berger as Chief Medical Nutritionist, VIKpro is dedicated to providing its consumers with high-quality, highly absorbable, safe, and reliable dietary nutrition products. Its unique and innovative MPL+ biophospholipid introduction technology binds phospholipids to other components with low bioavailability and absorption rates, enabling core nutrients to penetrate human cells. This enhances the absorption of such components by up to 10–25 times, allowing them to target cells directly, thus pioneering cellular nutrition research.

VIKpro's CoQ10 has been granted the German "QH-1" trademark certification. Additionally, VIKpro's pure Antarctic krill oil has been recognized by the "Global Champion Award for High Quality Krill Oil" from the international authority IKOS, the "Market Selection Award," and the ORIVO “100% Pure Oil” certification, among other international awards.

VIKpro will continue to uphold the German ethos of professionalism, rigor, and scientific excellence, striving to provide its global consumers with more superior and efficient dietary nutrition products. This commitment reflects our dedication to enhancing people's overall health and well-being.