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VIKpro Debuts at Just-ended HNC with Latest Breakthroughs in Coenzyme Q10

On June 21, the 14th Healthplex Expo (HNC) concluded successfully at the NECC (Shanghai). VIKpro, a high-end nutrition brand from Germany, showcased its strength in the field of dietary nutrition supplements. At this event, visitors were captivated by the innovative MPL+ phospholipid introduction technology, the newly upgraded coenzyme Q10 family product line, and a series of other popular products. This striking debut highlighted the power of VIKpro and its products, further expanding the brands opportunities in the Chinese market and signaling the future development of medical technology, cell nutrition.

VIKpro Debuts at HNC and Impresses Chinese Consumers with Health Concept

As an international high-end dietary nutrition brand based in Germany, VIKpro traveled 8,000 kilometers to debut at HNC in Shanghai. Joining more than 2,000 domestic and foreign companies, VIKpro participated in discussions on industry innovation and development trends. This debut marked a significant opportunity for the brand to expand into the Chinese market.

Renowned worldwide for their advanced scientific research and nutritional concepts, German nutritious dietary products are highly regarded by global consumers and have been widely welcomed in China. VIKpro, recognizing the strong demand of consumers for healthy consumption, has successfully embedded its brand concept of medical technology, cell nutrition into the minds of consumers.

At this event, VIKpros exclusive MPL+ bio-phospholipid introduction technology drew significant attention from both the industry and consumers. As a pioneer in cell-level nutrition, VIKpro has spent years deeply exploring the MPL+ bio-phospholipid introduction technology. This technology not only represents the industry’s leading standards but is also recognized as a major innovation in enhancing the absorption efficiency of nutritional products. In addition, it has improved the nutritional value of VIKpro’s products and created new development opportunities for the entire nutrition and health industry. During the event, VIKpro staff explained the principles and innovative advantages of the MPL+ bio-phospholipid introduction technology, attracting wide attention from consumers and earning high recognition from industry professionals.

Product Power and Brand Innovation Capacity Keep Improving and Impressing Global Consumers.

In todays comprehensive health industry, a brand can earn wide recognition from consumers only through constant innovation and continuous improvement of products. As VIKpro continues to expand into the global market with omni-channel penetration and coverage, its brand and products have received high recognition from consumers. This is evidenced by a series of high positive feedback and repurchase rates. This success is closely tied to VIKpros differentiated positioning at the product level, its refined functional nutrition products, and the continuous enhancement of its product quality.

        At this event, VIKpro showcased its upgraded Coenzyme Q10 Family portfolio to industry professionals and consumers, along with its star products such as pure Antarctic krill oil, powerful quercetin, and saw palm, among others. These products were highly recognized by Chinese consumers, sparking a wave of health enthusiasm among them.

The raw material for VIKpro’s reduced coenzyme Q10 is sourced from Kaneka, known as the father of coenzyme Q10. The MPL+ phospholipid introduction technology has been integrated under the leadership of German medical nutrition expert Hans Christof Berger. This has made the absorption of coenzyme nutrition 10 times faster, more stable, and more efficient. In addition, the exhibits included the industrys first reduced coenzyme Q10 spray and the recently launched PQQ for pregnancy coenzyme, providing new health solutions for consumers and bringing new development opportunities to the industry. All this demonstrates VIKpro’s commitment to establishing its own brand and product identity by continuously enhancing its innovative R&D and global supply chain integration capabilities.

With its unique innovative technology and hard-core product power, VIKpro quickly became the center of attention at the event. Not only did it win consumers favor and product purchase intentions, but it also attracted the interest of both domestic and international exhibitors. This led to subsequent cooperative negotiations. Exhibitors expressed great confidence in VIKpros products and technology, hoping to partner with the brand to promote the development of healthy nutrition.

As a German nutrition brand, VIKpro always adheres to a professional, scientific, and rigorous R&D development concept. By collaborating and exchanging ideas with renowned companies in the industry at this event, VIKpro has absorbed advanced technology and experience, injecting new vitality into its development. Moving forward, VIKpro will continue to explore and develop innovative products and expand its product categories under this guiding principle, aiming to create a nutritious and healthy life for consumers worldwide.